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Why give to the GFCF?

The Fund offers donors of all kinds a unique opportunity to target resources further and deeper into communities around the world through a growing global network of over 100 emerging local community philanthropy institutions. With four years of hands-on experience of grantmaking and technical support to this vibrant grassroots sector, we can provide donors with a direct channel to credible, socially innovative and locally owned community foundations.

We are a small, nimble organization, with low overheads and a track record in providing start-up capital to new organizations and promoting leadership and innovation in more established ones. 

We can play an important bridging role for large international institutions and individuals seeking to target their philanthropic resources directly to communities.

We are governed by an international board of individuals highly experienced in the field of community philanthropy and development, and have received funding from a range of institutions. We are looking for donors to help us in our work both in terms of core funding as we continue to build the institution and in meeting the growing demands of the field. To donate online, click here. To contact us directly, go to the Contact us page.