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Who benefits from our grants?

Our approach to grantmaking is flexible: we fund different types of activity depending on the stage of an organization’s development and the local context. A core underlying principle, however, is that we give grants to organizations and institutions that demonstrate a commitment to social change.

Our target group includes community foundations and other indigenous philanthropic grantmaking institutions and philanthropy support organizations, but the diverse nature and needs of our potential target groups around the world have a bearing on the projects we fund. In areas of the world such as Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of Latin America, for example, where a strong infrastructure for community foundations already exists, we will seek to make grants that benefit groups or clusters of community foundations, or which allow for new approaches in local fundraising to be piloted or a particular type of grants programme to be tested.

In other areas, such as much of Africa and Asia, there are few fully fledged community foundations, even if cultures of informal giving may be strong. In these areas, we seek to support the efforts of both individual community foundations (which may be operating in isolation and would benefit from an injection of technical assistance or an opportunity to visit a more developed institution elsewhere) and broader-based processes, such as convenings and trainings for local grantmakers, to strengthen the infrastructure of local philanthropy development.

In addition to grant money, we also bring technical skills, knowledge and experience to our relationships with grantee partners, and we seek to leverage relationships and resources to strengthen the local impact of grants.