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Selection criteria

Prospective grantees must demonstrate the following in their applications:

Understanding of community foundation operating principles

Evidence of understanding of and commitment to the basic principles of the community foundation as a tool for local development – i.e. as a local philanthropic institution which engages in effective grantmaking, mobilizes contributions from a variety of local sources, and has effective structures for self-governance.

Commitment to progressive social change

Demonstration of a recognition of the role of community action in building a vibrant civil society, strengthening democratic culture and addressing issues of poverty, exclusion and marginalization.

Community support

Demonstration of – or potential for – support from its defined community, including an established and diverse donor base and broad representation in the governance structure.

Capacity for growth

Evidence of a clearly defined and broadly understood organizational mission and willingness to invest in critical systems and infrastructure in order for the foundation to grow.

Added value

Ability to develop replicable tools for growth and willingness to share them with others.

Phuket Community Foundation