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Blog: More than the Poor Cousin


Not all intermediaries: A call for partnership in the #ShiftThePower conversation

Readers may remember a 1980s television advert about the “Man from Del Monte.” It showed a representative of a global fruit firm visiting a farm somewhere in South America – European, patrician, clad in pristine white linen suit and Panama hat. Local agricultural workers are seen preparing for his visit and holding their breath as they watch him sample their produce. A simple nod of approval from him would result in celebrations from the community and shouts of “The man from Del Monte says Yes!”

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Motivated to #ShiftThePower in nonprofit evaluations

As I read GrantCraft’s latest report, How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power: What Donors Can Do to Help Make That HappenI found myself scribbling down thoughts relating to nonprofit performance evaluations. Less than a week before, I completed my first year in a doctoral program at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, after working in the nonprofit sector for almost two decades, including nearly ten years with a community philanthropy organization. The GrantCraft report, co-written by Jenny Hodgson and Anna Pond, provides so much practical advice for funders seeking to contribute to positive development outcomes. I particularly welcome the report’s guidance on how funders can use metrics and due diligence to empower local people.

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