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Blog: More than the Poor Cousin


#ShiftThePower: how are we doing? Reflections on two years of a hash-tag

It was around the middle of 2016 when our organization, the Global Fund for Community Foundations, started to use the hash-tag #ShiftThePower. Our plan was very practical: we wanted to promote a conference that we were organizing in Johannesburg in December of that year. The Global Summit on Community Philanthropy was the first meeting of its kind, bringing together and celebrating the rapidly-growing, vibrant and wonderfully diverse global community philanthropy movement. For too long, the role of this particular set of institutions – community foundations, grassroots grantmakers, women’s funds, environmental funds and other kinds of community development foundations – had been overlooked by most of mainstream philanthropy and development and we wanted to change that.

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Five powerful ways to #ShiftThePower in disaster recovery

Sometimes, a publication comes along that so closely mirrors your day-to-day experience that you must pause for praise. This is how I feel about How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power. I encourage anyone interested or involved in disaster recovery funding to read the paper — because there are hard truths to face.

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