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Blog: More than the Poor Cousin


What does it mean to be a resilient funder - and why does it matter more than ever? Guest blog from Global Greengrants

In January 2017, the Chinese government began requiring all not for profit foreign organizations, including foundations, to register in order to continue to operate in the country. Funders have responded by registering, leaving, or muddling through, waiting to see how the situation plays out.

Heavy-handed Chinese government? Perhaps. But China is not alone on this. Over the last two decades, dozens of countries around the world, of every political stripe, have slowly been squeezing the space for civil society to operate.

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Sustaining structures of hope in rural Kenya: the challenge of funding community development

This last week, in my various tasks with the GFCF, I have been working with Wem Intergrated Health Services (or WEMIHS), a community based organization, to try to see how they can build a fundraising campaign. Their story exemplifies the current funding crisis for many indigenous organizations in many of the poorest places in the world.

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