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From ego-systems to eco-systems: reimagining resilient philanthropy for social change

Over 30 philanthropy practitioners from Central and South East Europe gathered between 4 - 7 June in Sibiu, Romania for an exploratory conversation on “Forward-looking eco-systems of philanthropy support.”

The conversations were grounded in local, national and international experiences and contexts, and the meeting also sought to explore some of connections and learnings that can emerge “in between.”

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New animated video "The answer is local: How community philanthropy shifts power and changes the world"

Powerful, people-led networks are taking shape around the world to respond to increasingly complex global challenges. This includes the growing community philanthropy movement, which challenges traditional development approaches by reprioritizing values such as justice, equity, empowerment and dignity. Check out the new animated film from the GFCF and the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy, which makes clear that - in the face of enormous, intractable global issues - the answer is local. 

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Romania’s Community Card Program - turning local shoppers and businesses into philanthropists 

In 2009, the Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiescpartnered with a local supermarket chain to launch the SOLCARD, orCommunity Card. The Community Card is essentially a customer reward card with a social twist. Most customer reward cards give some percentage or points back to the consumer that can be redeemed for reimbursement in the form of coupons or discounts. The Community Card Program does the same, offering users a percentage back on their purchase. But the difference between the Community Card Program and other rewards cards is that the savings to the consumer are matched with a donation to the Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiesc from the participating company. So every time a local individual uses their card they save money on their purchase, and the company contributes to the community foundation’s Local Development Fund. 

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New GFCF grants in Kenya, Kosovo and Uganda 

Supporting the rights of sexual minorities, encouraging youth civic engagement, and growing local philanthropy: read on for more information on three new GFCF grants.

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