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Insights from a newcomer to community philanthropy – my summer in Covasna County

Every time you leave your home and community, particularly when travelling abroad, your life changes. You never go back as the same person. Why? Well, because of patchwork quilts. But I’ll come back to that later…

I just finished a two month internship with the Covasna Community Foundation in the region of Transylvania, Romania - which is rather a long distance from my home country, Brazil. I am also currently studying for a Masters in International Development Studies at the Palacký University in the Czech Republic.

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In whose name do they speak? Challenging the development dinosaurs

I’m writing a book about the challenges faced by International NGOs (INGOs): “Problems with International NGOs: Challenging the Development Dinosaurs.” The publishers want to print it because of the interest and concerns raised by failings of staff at Oxfam, Save the Children, Médecins Sans Frontières and other agencies which hit the headlines this year.

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“Perfect / Imperfect” - how the PACT Foundation turns “failures” into learning

“It’s only a failure if you hide it under the rug. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity to learn.” So said one participant at a lively workshop examining failures, set-backs and how to learn from them, which Romania’s PACT Foundation co-organized from 17 - 18 May 2018. The event, “Perfect / Imperfect” encouraged participants to share their stories of projects and programmes not going according to plan, thereby also debunking the myth that social change is neat, linear, and devoid of surprises. The GFCF spoke to Irina Pop, PACT’s former Advocacy and Programme Director and pro-bono collaborator to the event, to hear more.

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The Philanthropy Network for Social Justice: a strategic actor in support of civil society in Brazil

The article published on this blog entitled “Philanthropy in Brazil: Obstacles, challenges and opportunities” highlighted the lack of grantmaking as a key challenge for the Brazilian philanthropy sector – and for the development of civil society in the country. One positive development in this regard is the emergence of the Philanthropy Network for Social Justice as a strategic actor in the grantmaking field. The funds and community foundations that make it up represent an effective alternative for financing and strengthening small and medium-sized organizations and movements operating in the field of rights.

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