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Leave no-one behind?

Leave no-one behind’ is the deceptively simple goal used to sum up the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs)– a grand plan for a better world for everyone – signed off by member countries in 2015. It’s a hugely ambitious framework aiming to make the planet and its people prosperous in a secure future. With seventeen goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030, it seems likely to launch a whole industry of monitors and evaluators trying to figure out what progress is being achieved.

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Shifting power through evidence: Announcing new GFCF research grants programme 

In a recent paper commissioned by the GFCF, Hilary Gilbert writes: “The history of development is littered with poor practice, and the power imbalance between funders and those they fund ensures that donors have little incentive to adjust their approach. But what if evidence of better outcomes could provide that incentive?”

 The GFCF is inviting applications for small grants from those interested in contributing to the evidence base for community philanthropy and people-led development. In particular, we are looking to link local level experiences and practices with specific arguments and questions about theories of development raised in Hilary Gilbert’s discussion paper, Time to #ShiftThePower? Community philanthropy and durable development.

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When theory and practice interact - thoughts on the 2018 International Society for Third-Sector Research conference 

The 2018 International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) conference in Amsterdam brought together 675 participants from around the world to exchange their research expertise on civil society, philanthropy and the non-profit sector. When Hilary Gilbert of the South Sinai Foundation attended the same conference in 2016, she was surprised to find a lack of understanding of what community philanthropy is, and at the time commented that the event was “a sobering reminder that the issues which preoccupy our lives have yet to reach the radar of most third sector researchers.”

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Two recent Twitter Chats raise the question: Is it #TimeToRedefine philanthropy? 

Those active in the Twitterverse may have taken note of two recent Twitter Chats, which each raised some fundamental questions around power and resources in philanthropy, as well as philanthropy’s relationship with grassroots actors. Both chats, approaching the topics from different angles, had participants questioning if it isn’t #TimeToRedefine philanthropy?

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