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Summit Poster Session highlights diversity of issues community philanthropy responds to globally

A marketplace of posters organized at the recent Global Summit on Community Philanthropy offered participants the chance to share their research, projects, quandaries, and achievements with other Summit attendees. The 30 posters displayed made clear the huge range of issues that community philanthropy organizations are responding to around the world. Over 2017 check the regular GFCF E-Bulletin, as two posters will be highlighted in each edition. Up first?


Community Foundations in Small and Industrial Towns and Rural Settlements of Russia

Poster prepared by: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Russia

With funding from the GFCF, over 2016 CAF Russia set out to explore the origins of the development of community foundations in small industrial towns and rural areas across Russia. What is the geographical spread, what seems to be working in communities, and what is catalyzing community foundation development? This poster tells the story.

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Silence and Whisper, Philanthropy’s Response to Burning Social issues: The Case of Femicides in Argentina

Poster prepared by: Florencia Roitstein, Ellas Filantropia

How can institutional philanthropy respond to burning social issues? Considering this question in light of recent femicides in Argentina (and across Latin America), this poster considers how new forms of locally driven philanthropic behaviour seem to represent a different way of creating sustainable development in the region, in which people invest their own resources to address their own social concerns in their own way. This research has been carried out as part of the joint GFCF / WK Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy initiative aimed at connecting research and practice to advance the field of global community philanthropy. This initiative was supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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