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Community philanthropy’s role in responding to migration and refugees in Europe - 2017 GFCF grants and learning programme announced

Die Wiesbaden Stiftung's "Welcome Partners" programme for refugeesThe GFCF is inviting concept notes for a two-year grants and learning programme aimed at understanding and supporting the work of European community philanthropy organizations (CPOs) on migration and refugees in their communities. The programme builds on an initial GFCF convening on the topic held in Brussels, January 2016.

Migration to Europe is nothing new, but the sheer numbers and frequency over the last two years, in terms of countries of entry, transit, and destination, have left many countries struggling to provide vital services to migrant populations and at the same time have fueled anti-migrant sentiment among local host or transit communities. Effective responses to the current crisis require the collaboration of many different stakeholders, including government, the private sector and civil society. The premise of this grants programme is that community CPOs with strong local roots, support and trust within and across the community, and that apply a holistic “community-wide” approach to their work, can play a valuable role in both the provision of various supports (financial and other) and in mobilizing communities towards an inclusive agenda. These same organizations, which are often small, local and “non-specialist” are often overlooked by larger funders looking to support efforts around migration and refugees.

The purpose of these short-term grants will be to support (both programmatically and institutionally) the work of individual CPOs that are responding in one way or another to the migrant situation, and to begin to draw a map of the range and scale of different activities around refugees, asylum seekers and migrants (both irregular and undocumented) in which European community philanthropy is engaged. 

Read the grant guidelines here 

Submit a concept note at this link prior to 17 February 2017 

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