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How can we grow the work? Ideas from Practitioners from Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, March 2013

This report produced by the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, is based on conversations with twenty-four practitioners. It is a step towards building voices in philanthropy that express a desire to shift the discourse and direction of mainstream organized philanthropy to one that put social justice and peace at its core.

The report highlights the need for building bridges and connections; it calls for opportunities to share, talk and learn from one another; to provide leadership and find allies. In doing so it stresses on the need to be inclusive, flexible and open, yet serious and rigorous in making the case and building an evidence base for PSJP.

Most importantly the report underscores the call by practitioners of PSJP to be self critical and to ask of themselves the questions they would ask of others. In order to “grow this work” we are building the PSJP Network as a true community of practice “that is organic, self directed, nimble, spontaneous, and inclusive, driven not by dominant ideas but by diverse voices, with conversations relevant to context and tolerant of those at the periphery as well as the center.”

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