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Not philanthropists but revolutionaries: promoting Bedouin participation in the New Egypt

Not philanthropists but revolutionaries: promoting Bedouin participation in the New Egypt

Hilary Gilbert and Mohammed Khedr al Jebaali, October 2012, John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, The American University in Cairo

The Community Foundation for South Sinai (Al mo’assessa‑t‑al ahliya lijanoub sina) was established in 2006 as a mechanism for promoting local, small‑scale development among Bedouin communities in Egypt’s South Sinai. Traditionally nomadic (although now most lead only semi‑nomadic or sedentary lives), the Bedouin have a rich culture of their own, quite distinct from that of the rest of Egypt.

Although the Community Foundation for South Sinai was established with serious and long term aspirations its initial ambitions were, like its funding base, modest: early activities included economic development projects such as olive oil production. However, in January 2011 when Egypt’s massive people‑led revolution swept across the country the foundation – encouraged by local community leaders – saw an unprecedented opportunity to harness this newfound democratic momentum in Egypt’s South Sinai.

This paper is part of the Voices working paper series and which disseminate the findings of research and documentation in progress with the goal of promoting the exchange of ideas and encouraging dialogue among researchers and practitioners.