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Tracking the growth of organized community philanthropy

Tracking the growth of organized community philanthropy: is it the missing piece in community development? 

Jenny Hodgson, 2013, State of Civil Society 2013 report, Civicus (Ch, 24, p.237)

This article provides an overview of the current state of global community philanthropy, with particular reference to the global South. It describes the factors that are driving a growth in community philanthropy, and the key features of this distinct section of civil society and its role in driving community development agendas that are locally formulated. This small but growing field, which emphasises local asset development and multi-stakeholder good governance, may have particular relevance in the context of increased limitations experienced by and reduced resources for CSOs in many parts of the world.

Read the whole CIVICUS State of Civil Society 2013 Report


From Alliance magazine: Markets are emerging - what about philanthropy?

Building something new for the future

Dramatic shifts in the political and economic landscape of many low and middle- income countries in recent years have resulted in the emergence of a new class of wealthy individuals. This has led to a rapid growth in private and family foundations in many emerging markets. But the benefits of economic liberalization have not always resulted in an equal distribution of wealth, and income disparities have only been exacerbated by the global economic crisis. Against this background, Jenny Hodgson looks at a new breed of community philanthropy institutions which is emerging.

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March 1st 2013, Alliance magazine


A different kind of wealth: mapping a baseline of African community foundations

A different kind of wealth: mapping a baseline of African community foundations

Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight, October 2012, GFCF

The report focuses on a set of African institutions, including community foundations, community philanthropy institutions and local foundations operating in different parts of the African continent. The group is small but growing rapidly and has importance beyond its size. This report lays a baseline for the field and tells the beginning of an important story about a new generation of local philanthropic institutions which is emerging in Africa, some seeded with money from outside the continent, others entirely home‑grown – and all seeking to draw on local resources and tap into different forms of wealth, which include cash but also include other, less tangible, forms of social capital such as trust and credibility.

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Read the report in French


The New Generation of Community Foundations

Jenny Hodgson, Barry Knight and Alison Mathie (2012) GFCF and Coady International Institute

Community foundations have enjoyed considerable growth in recent years, not only in their number but also in their character. This emergence of a ‘new generation’ of community foundations is occurring within a larger context of other emerging forms of ‘social solidarity’ movements and institutions, including rural development philanthropy, member‑based organizing and other hybrid forms of citizen‑led actions.

“The New Generation of Community Foundations”, published by the GFCF and the Coady International Institute, explores the emerging community foundation phenomenon in the context of disillusionment with conventional channels of international aid.

The report draws on the literature relating to community philanthropy, mutual responsibility and the broader social economy, as well as empirical data on the growth of the field, and it provides an analysis of five case examples of community foundations in the Global South as evidence for a re‑conceptualization of their role and potential contribution as catalysts for citizen‑led and socially inclusive development.

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