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Mexican Community Foundations: a Comprehensive Profile

Berger, R., Bermúdez, D., Carrillo Collard, P., and Tapia Álvarez, M. (2009) Mexico City, Mexico: Alternativas y Capacidades / Teamworks

Community foundations began emerging as philanthropic institutions in Mexico less than two decades ago. As Mexican civil society flourished, many leaders with strategic vision realized that institutions needed to be created in order to effectively gather and channel local resources to various social development initiatives. This report is a comprehensive study of Mexico’s community foundations, the purpose of which is to provide a detailed picture of their organizational, financial, and programmatic characteristics, ascertain how they meet their own institutional development needs, and identify the obstacles they face in fulfilling their goals. The report (funded by the C.S. Mott Foundation, Ford Foundation, Inter-American Foundation and the Global Fund for Community Foundations) is based on extensive research that included interviews, site visits, and analysis of financial data. It was prepared by a bi-national collaboration, joining Teamworks (San Francisco) and Alternativas y Capacidades (Mexico City).

The full is available from the Teamwork's website:

Read the Complete Report in English
Read the Summary Report in English
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Read the Summary Report in Spanish