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The Case for Community Philanthropy: How the practice builds local assets, capacity and trust - and why it matters

The Case for Community Philanthropy: How the Practice Builds Local Assets, Capacity, and Trust – and Why It Matters makes the case that increasing local ownership and local accountability leads to stronger communities and should be a main focus of development aid practitioners. The community philanthropy approach works at the grassroots level by looking at local assets – financial and otherwise – and by building capacity and trust for addressing community needs and priorities.

The case statement crystallizes an understanding gathered in recent years. In 2012, AKF USA and the Mott Foundation released a report, based on a series of collaborative consultations in North America, Africa and Asia, that explored how community philanthropy has worked around the world to help build local capacity. 

The new publication synthesizes trends (one form of community philanthropy organization – community foundations – grew by a remarkable 86 percent from 2000 to 2010), the rationale, and views from experts. It addresses the role that donors can play in a community-driven practice. “It’s a challenge for outside funders investing a lot of money to expect programs to be sustained,” notes Shannon Lawder of the C.S. Mott Foundation. “From our experience, the work does continue when you’ve supported community philanthropy. It works.”


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External Review and Options Appraisal of the Global Fund for Community Foundations

Barbara Klugman & Mark Turpin (2013) Johannesburg

This Strategic Review and Options Appraisal was undertaken for the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) by external consultants Barbara Klugman and Mark Turpin in response to a call for proposals issued by the GFCF in late 2012.  The work was undertaken between January and March 2013, and the draft Report was presented to the GFCF Board in March 2013.

This Report is not an evaluation of the work of GFCF, while it nonetheless ‘reviews’ the work and achievements of the organisation, particularly in the light of where the organisation stands at the present time.  In this sense, it is more of a ‘snapshot’ view of the GFCF.  And the Report, recognising that the GFCF is at an important moment in its life at a time of both challenge and opportunity, then presents a set of Options for decision.  At its March meeting, the GFCF Board made a choice for one of the Options presented and this is elaborated in the conclusion of the Report.

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A different kind of wealth: mapping a baseline of African community foundations

A different kind of wealth: mapping a baseline of African community foundations

Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight, October 2012, GFCF

The report focuses on a set of African institutions, including community foundations, community philanthropy institutions and local foundations operating in different parts of the African continent. The group is small but growing rapidly and has importance beyond its size. This report lays a baseline for the field and tells the beginning of an important story about a new generation of local philanthropic institutions which is emerging in Africa, some seeded with money from outside the continent, others entirely home‑grown – and all seeking to draw on local resources and tap into different forms of wealth, which include cash but also include other, less tangible, forms of social capital such as trust and credibility.

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Report of African Philanthropy Symposium

Report of African Philanthropy Symposium 

May 2008, GFCF

The Global Fund for Community Foundations in conjunction with Trust Africa convened a symposium in Naivasha, Kenya, in May 2008, with two purposes. The main purpose was to help the Global Fund develop its framework, underpinning philosophy, and future strategies for funding the development of community foundations and philanthropy in Africa. The secondary purpose was to make a contribution to the debate about the nature of African philanthropy, to understand emerging trends in different regions, and to clarify
some of the key issues that need to be addressed in supporting the varied ways in which traditional forms of giving are linking with ‘new’ forms of organized philanthropy. This is the report of that meeting.


Advancing the field of African philanthropy: notes from a convening

Advancing the field of African philanthropy: notes from a convening

May 2008, GFCF

These notes summarise the outcomes of meeting of African philanthropy practitioners and thinkers convened by the GFCF (with grant support from TrustAfrica) in May 2008 in Naivasha, Kenya


The New Generation of Community Foundations

Jenny Hodgson, Barry Knight and Alison Mathie (2012) GFCF and Coady International Institute

Community foundations have enjoyed considerable growth in recent years, not only in their number but also in their character. This emergence of a ‘new generation’ of community foundations is occurring within a larger context of other emerging forms of ‘social solidarity’ movements and institutions, including rural development philanthropy, member‑based organizing and other hybrid forms of citizen‑led actions.

“The New Generation of Community Foundations”, published by the GFCF and the Coady International Institute, explores the emerging community foundation phenomenon in the context of disillusionment with conventional channels of international aid.

The report draws on the literature relating to community philanthropy, mutual responsibility and the broader social economy, as well as empirical data on the growth of the field, and it provides an analysis of five case examples of community foundations in the Global South as evidence for a re‑conceptualization of their role and potential contribution as catalysts for citizen‑led and socially inclusive development.

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