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Local Leadership, Global Impact: Community Foundations and the Sustainable Development Goals 

While the contributions of the broader philanthropic sector are well-known in the international development realm, community foundations globally have yet to play a major role in conversations about the SDGs. And many community foundations around the world are unaware of the SDGs and how they are relevant to their work. The February 2018 North American Community Foundations Summit in Mexico City introduced the SDGs to community foundations from across the continent. This report is a foundational document and companion to the Summit, bridging a gap in understanding how community foundations around the world can operate through the lens of the SDGs, and showing the rest of the international development community the ways in which community foundations can play a transformational role in achieving the SDGs.

Author: Natalie Ross, Council on Foundations

Published by: Community Foundations of Canada, Comunalia, Council on Foundations

Published: February 2018

Download Local Leadership, Global Impact: Community Foundations and the Sustainable Development Goals


The Global Landscape of Philanthropy 

Based on more than 20 interviews with some of philanthropy’s foremost actors and thinkers, and on three workshops with professionals and practitioners from civil society networks, foundations, infrastructure organizations or research centres, this report builds and expands on the work previously done on the WINGS Global Institutional Philanthropy Report 2010, and presents a qualitative view of the field, based on the following seven aspects: individual giving; institutional giving; community philanthropy; beyond grants (different uses of philanthropic money); collaboration; philanthropy government and civil society; and, infrastructure organizations.

In the midst of growing challenges – some external and some internal, some manageable and some out of our control – the report also gives some indication of how to move forward, showing specifically how technology can become a strength and an asset for non-profits, how civil society organizations ought to protect themselves against shrinking civic space, how infrastructure organizations can and must rethink their scope and responsibilities, and how philanthropy in general needs to tackle the question of inequality and wealth distribution. 

Author: Andrew Milner

Published by: Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) 

Published: February 2018

Download ‘The Global Landscape of Philanthropy’


Philanthropy in Russia 

This report on Russian philanthropy is part of a larger study in other emerging economies to review the current state of philanthropy and what role it is playing in the world. The report provides an overview of the current state of philanthropy in Russia, based on conversations with people who have been working to promote, support or strengthen different areas of philanthropy. The report’s aim is to shine a light on new ideas and innovations, and the implications of these for the future role of philanthropy in Russia. The hope is that this will enable those in the sector to better address the questions: what is the role and purpose of philanthropy and how do we build a supportive ecosystem for it?

Author: Caroline Hartnell

Published by: Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

Published: January 2018

Download ‘Philanthropy in Russia’ (full report). The summary report is also available in English and Russian


GFCF Annual Report, 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017 

The GFCF Annual Report, covering the period 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017, offers a snapshot of the organization’s activities for the financial year. The report is broken down by the GFCF’s three strategic priorities: supporting organizations that #ShiftThePower; connecting the field and growing the #ShiftThePower evidence base; and, building a global movement to #ShiftThePower. The highlight of the period was undoubtedly the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, held December 2016 in Johannesburg.

Published by: GFCF

Published: January 2018

Download ‘A Year to #ShiftThePower, GFCF Annual Report 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017’


Corporate Philanthropy in Kenya - A Report on Nature, Trends, and Engagements by Corporates in Philanthropy

This report presents information on the motivation behind private sector giving, nature, and trends with a special focus on corporate philanthropy in Kenya. It maps out players in corporate philanthropy in Kenya, outlines key drivers and deterrents of corporate philanthropy to CSOs in Kenya, and assesses the processes and criteria employed by the private sector for corporate philanthropy. A cross-sectional research approach informed the study design, in which qualitative and quantitative techniques were integrated to capture information from a sample of 60 companies operating in Kenya.

Published by: Yetu Initiative

Published: November 2017

Download ‘Corporate Philanthropy in Kenya’


Russia Giving 2017 

This year’s Russia Giving report is the first of an international series, which will also include reports covering Brazil, Canada, India, South Africa, UK and the US. As this collection of country reports grows, it allows for comparison of trends in giving for the first time: how people of different ages and social groups give in different countries; the way they give; the rise of online or text giving; the importance of sponsorship and the different causes people support. The hope is that this suite of reports will provide greater understanding than ever before around the different ways in which people give and the lessons that can be learned from giving in different parts of the world.

Some highlights of the Russia Giving report include: 

  • Half the country donated money to charity in the past 12 months
  • Supporting children is the most likely cause that people will give to
  • Giving via text message was the most common method of donation

Published by: Charities Aid Foundation

Published: November 2017 

Download ‘Russia Giving 2017