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We make grants to a range of community foundations grassroots grantmakers, philanthropy support organizations and local associations. Since we started making grants in 2006 we have awarded US $4.2 million in grants to 176 organizations in 58 countries.

The seven organizations or programmes listed in our grantee profiles give you a sense of the type of organizations we support.

2017 grants plan

In 2017, we will continue to work with existing and new partners, operating a small, global programme focused on leveraging local assets and resources. Interested organizations are welcome to submit concept notes but we should emphasise that our focus is very specifically on community philanthropy organizations and community philanthropy practice. We are also making grants on the topic of community philanthropy and migration in Europe.




What we do

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Grants awarded in 2016

Middle East and North Africa

New! Dalia Association, Palestine (June 2016) Learning from global best practices on governance and decision-making among womens’ funds for application in Palestine 

Dalia Association, Palestine US$ 18,000 (January 2016) Resource mobilization strategy development among local and diaspora communities 

Sub-Saharan Africa

New! CDF Western Cape, South Africa (June 2016), US $12,000, "Burning Issues" programme  

New! Kilimani Project Foundation, Kenya (June 2016) Research project: Middle class, public interest impulses and active citizenship in Africa – a case study of Kilimani neighbourhood, Nairobi, Kenya

New! Ngaatho Community Foundation, Kenya (June 2016) Research project: Traditional philanthropy and its potential to influence community giving in the 21st century: The case for Kikuyu in Kenya 

New! Southern Africa Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum (June 2016) Research project: Leadership in community philanthropy, including succession: networks, community grantmakers, community based structures 

New! Susan Wilkinson Maposa / SACGLF (June 2016) Research project: Community philanthropy in the era of back donor diversification: a first look at the African continent 

Grassroots Development Initiatives Foundation-Kenya (GRADIF-K) (April 2016) US $10,000 Support for local asset mobilization asset strategy, internally and with community partners

Ngaatho Community Foundation, Kenya (April 2016) US $8,000 Start-up activities for community foundation serving community in Aberdares region of Kenya

Community Foundation for Western Region Zimbabwe (February 2016) Institutional support for resource mobilization and sustainability strategies

Latin American and the Caribbean

New! FASOL - Fondo Acción Solidaria, A.C., Mexico (June 2016), US $15,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Monteverde Community Fund, Costa Rica (June 2016), US $9,875, "Burning Issues" programme 

New! Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis (ICom), Brazil (June 2016), US $14,111, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Network for Social Justice Philanthropy, Brazil (June 2016) Research project: Building social justice philanthropy in Brazil 

New! Florencia Roitstein, ELLAS, Argentina (June 2016) Research project: Growing local philanthropy and constituencies to address gender-based violence in Argentina 

South Asia

New! Santosh Samal /EFRAH, India (June 2016) Research project: Exploring community philanthropy’s added in values in building local leadership within highly marginalized communities in India 

Tewa, Nepal (May 2016), US $15,000, Community philanthropy and environment

Eastern and Central Europe

New! Varna Community Foundation, Bulgaria (June 2016), US $10,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Covasna Community Foundation, Romania (June 2016) US $15,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Centre for Social Technologies, "Garant", Russia (June 2016), US $15,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Healthy City Community Foundation, Slovakia (June 2016), US $9,500, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ), Albania (June 2016), US $15,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Tuzla Community Foundation, Bosnia (June 2016), US $14,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Moloda Gromada "Young Community", Ukraine (June 2016), US $9,000, "Burning Issues" programme

New! Community Donation Fund Sliven, Bulgaria (June 2016) Institutional support, includuing local philanthropy development

New! PACT Foundation, Romania (June 2016) Institutional support, including local philanthropy development

New! PACT Foundation, Romania (June 2016) Research project: Growing individual giving: learning from experiences in Serbia, Czech Republic and Romania 

New! Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania (June 2016) Research project: Understanding local donor motivations for collective giving in urban Romania 

Social Consulting, Russia (April 2016) To strengthen work around local assets, preservation of cultures of environmental stewardship and local economic development

Western Europe

New! Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (June 2016), US $15,000, "Burning Issues" programme

North America

New! Headwaters Foundation for Justice, United States (June 2016) Research project: Growing cross-race, cross-class giving in the United States: what lessons do Giving Projects offer community philanthropy? 

New! Global Greengrants, United States (June 2016) Research project: Southern funders’ responses to the closing space for civil society 

New! Puerto Rico Community Foundation (June 2016) Research project: Mapping corporate giving of multinational corporations in comparison to profits made in Puerto Rico