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Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy

About the GACP

The Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy (GACP) is multi-donor and multi-stakeholder collaborative engaged in a series of joint research and learning activities aimed at advancing the practice of community philanthropy and at influencing international development actors to better understand, support and promote community philanthropy’s role in achieving more lasting development outcomes. The concept of community philanthropy has not tended to have been part of the mainstream development discourse and the GACP seeks to rectify this by demonstrating why it matters and how donors can appreciate, support and harness its potential more effectively. 

Over a five-year period (2013–2018) the GACP will learn from both ongoing activities and pilot projects that build assets, trust, and/or the capacity of local community philanthropic organizations around the world.

At present the GACP includes six funders – the Aga Khan Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Ford Foundation, Inter-American Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and USAID – each of which will be providing financial resources and a commitment to active participation in the GACP’s learning agenda. The GFCF is leading the work as Secretariat. However, this is by no means a closed group: the GACP is proactively seeking additional partners who have an interest in community philanthropy and civil society sustainability and who appreciate that working with others will yield greater impact than each organization might be able to achieve on their own.

Goals and Expected Activities

The GACP’s research and programming supports four primary goals:

  • Greater sustainability of civil society through control of assets by local people;
  • Greater ability of local actors to engage in decisionmaking processes;
  • Enhanced community – level civil society organisational and leadership capacity; and,
  • Greater accountability within communities and civil society in order to establish trust.

The GACP programme has three main areas of activities:

  • Supporting and highlighting diverse forms of community philanthropy activities in different global contexts;
  • Strengthening the evidence base for community philanthropy as a strategy for people-led development through action learning and research which tests fundamental assumptions; and,
  • Communications and representation to global stakeholders.

See how the GACP compliments the work of its funding partners and the GFCF here.

For more information contact Jenny Hodgson, GFCF Executive Director